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Opening May 18th for Privates
Classes Limited to 3 Students Begin June 1st


The Pilates method is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises developed nearly 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates. Exercises are taught with a unique and dynamic rhythm and progression occurs as mastery of the exercises can be done with control and precision.  Pilates is ideally taught in private lessons, or in classes with very small groups. The instructors teach by verbal cues and instruction only, never by doing the class with the students.

Pilates is 'a unique and indivisible system' based on an ordered and corrective sequence of exercises which flow from one to the other.  Modifications are available for those that need it but other modalities or random exercises are not required to be added to the system itself as it is cohesive and intelligent and helps the body to repair itself.



Benefits of Pilates
  • it's a total body workout!

  • improves posture and alignment

  • strengthens, lengthens and tones the muscles

  • strengthens the bones and connective tissues

  • improves circulation, concentration and mental alertness

  • helps to prevent and heal injuries

  • reduces stress and improves stamina

  • It changes bodies!!

Are There Different Types of Pilates?

Yes! The Pilates name is not protected, therefore you will see many different types of Pilates. 




In 2007, after giving birth to her son, Tish began having chronic lower back pain. Upon seeing many doctors and specialists, Tish was informed that surgery was imminent until she met a physical therapist that started her on the Pilates Method. After a few short months she was pain free and was eager to pay it forward. 

A few years later, Tish left her career and began her journey of becoming a certified Pilates teacher, training with renowned PEAK pilates master instructor Clare Dillon Palma. After studying under Clare for many years, Tish began to explore workshop options and came across Vintage Pilates teachers, Jay Grimes, Karen Frischman and Sandy Shimoda

Jay, having studied under Joseph Pilates himself gave a wealth of insight on the method in which “Joe” taught to his students and apprentices as well as the other workshop presenters Karen, Sandy, Dana and Chris. Realizing such first hand information was available, Tish became increasingly curious on whom she could study more in depth with. Hearing from her mentor, Clare, that Kathi Ross Nash offers the Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training she new she needed to pursue this. Tish flew to NYC and met with Kathi and has been accepted into the 2021 PPATT and will start training in February of 2021. Shortly after Tish received an email that Pilates “Elder”, Lolita San Miguel was hosting a Master Mentorship program. Knowing that Lolita studied under Joseph Pilates and Carola Trier, how could she pass up this opportunity? 

In September of 2019 Tish entered the Pilates Master Mentorship program with Lolita and will complete both programs by end of 2021, adding to her current certifications and 1000's of hours of practice. 

By becoming a certified teacher of future instructors, Tish’s goal is to keep Joe’s “Method” alive and helping his dream of everyone doing pilates is becoming a reality.

Click to see Tish take Nicole Allshouse through a Baby Chair exercise on Talk of Alabama.

Studio Director & Certified Pilates Instructor

Tish Tillis


Teague attended Furman University and transferred to the University of South Alabama where she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education followed by a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy.  She has an extensive 30+ year background in working with acute care and outpatient orthopedic patients including joint replacements, post operative surgeries, and back rehabilitation.  She has additional manual therapy training in myofascial release.  Most recently, she completed 700 hours of Pilates training.  Her mission is to help rehabilitate patients to enable them to enjoy and maximize their lives.  She believes, " When you have your health, you have everything.  When you do not have your health, nothing else matters at all."  Teague is a native of Birmingham, Alabama and recently returned from Asheville, North Carolina. She enjoys Pilates, running, and watching her daughter play tennis.

Certified Pilates Instructor

Teague Delmas


Ally is a native of Birmingham and after attending Randolph-Macon Woman’s College she lived and worked abroad. She finally settled back in Birmingham and worked as a Spanish teacher and school administrator for many years. While pregnant with her daughter, she began practicing yoga, then took a break from it when her kids were young. As her children got older, life got busier, and having consistent low back pain, she decided it was time to start practicing again. A passion for yoga began…

Her teaching experience and passion for yoga led her to marry the two – she attended 200 hour yoga teacher training this past summer at Rishikesh Yogpeeth in Rishikesh, India. The depth of her training included asanas (poses), yoga philosophy, anatomy, meditation and pranayama breathing. She is eager to share her passion for yoga as a way to not only build strength but to connect the mind and body. On weekends and evenings, you can find her spending time with her husband and two children.

Yoga Instructor

Ally Leonard

Lindsey is a 15+ year resident of Birmingham, moving here from Dallas after attending Wake Forest University.  After a career in banking and an MBA from Samford, she found pilates as the only way to keep her back from hurting while trying to get herself back in shape after carrying and caring for twins full time. She has always  been very active, enjoying various aerobics classes and when the weather was nice hiking and biking. After many years of incorporating pilates into her weekly routine, the opportunity to become certified and teach others how to transform their lives and bodies for the long term was a natural fit.
Lindsey has completed and passed level 1 certification of the comprehensive pilates system certification and Pilates Mat Certification through Joel Crosby at the Vitality Method Studio-- learning the original work of Joe Pilates with the Classical Pilates Education coursework. She has over 400 hours of teaching and training as she works towards Advanced Certification. She is also certified in L1 & L2 Pilates Suspension Method (PSM) and BarreAbove Method.

Certified Suspension Instructor, Apprentice Pilates Instructor, Certified BarreAbove Method Instructor

Lindsey Chitwood

Ginny first discovered Pilates when recovering from a hamstring repair. She quickly realized it was the perfect cross training regimen to strengthen her core, tone and stretch her body as well as focus her mind. Having a great outcome from practicing Pilates, Ginny became an advocate for the benefits of Pilates and obtained her Mat Pilates Certification from Vitality Studio Method in Atlanta. She is actively working on her comprehensive certification with Joel Cosby at Vitality Studio by learning the original work of Joseph Pilates through Classical Pilates Educational Coursework. Ginny grew up in Columbus, Mississippi and has a BS Degree in Business from the University of Mississippi. After receiving her Masters Degree in Business Administration from Millsaps College she worked in advertising and pharmaceutical sales. Ginny enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. When she is not teaching, she loves hiking, walking her dog (Belle), reading and playing tennis. As an instructor, Ginny has a great appreciation for Pilates adaptability and being able to meet her clients at their current level and create a program to meet their specific personal needs.

Certified Pilates Mat Instructor, Apprentice Pilates Instructor, Certified BarreAbove Method Instructor

Ginny Web



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