October 8, 2019

It is almost Halloween! That means cooler weather and lots of CANDY. This month our focus is the importance of integrating body, mind and spirit.Did you know there are 6 principles of the Method? They are as follows, 







If you can incorporate the 6 "principles" of Pilates your into each one of your sessions, yo...

September 3, 2019

Boy, did August zoom on by us. Summer has come to an end but the heat has not. However, football season is here... let's kick off this time of the year with a little competition of our own.... a proper Pilates pushup challenge. We will end each class with push ups. We will guide you to the perfect push up and then each day see if you can do one more. p2 will ke...

August 3, 2019

Wow, who can believe summer is almost over?  It flew by for us this year for sure. As many of you know, there are some big changes happening at the studio this month. As of today, I will be taking over the studio. It is a very exciting time for me as I have so many ideas I would like to run with….. our very first membership referral contest will begin August 1....

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