Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pilates Right For Me?

Pilates is an intelligent and invigorating form of exercise for any age or skill level and is one of the fastest growing exercise programs in the world.  Any healthy individual can do it and it works!   It is a unique way of thinking about your body and how it moves;  a way of exercising your muscles and your mind to reshape your body to feel stronger, longer and leaner!   The Pilates method can be adapted for any fitness level.  Clients with chronic pain, health issues or have recently become pregnant, should consult their physicians before beginning a new exercise regime.



How often should you practice Pilates?

At least two times a week allows you to progress at a consistent pace and see visible results.  Joseph Pilates recommended doing it at least three times per week.

"You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 sessions and have a completely new body in 30 sessions"



What can you expect to achieve?

Pilates can give you a strong flexible body, amazing posture, enhanced energy and awareness of how your body works, and for many help to relieve chronic pain and stiffness.  Combined with good nutrition and a dedication to practice, Pilates can make you stronger and will allow you to perform your daily activities in life with greater ease.

Explain all of the different classes?

  • Mat: Mat is "The Work", just you and your body moving through the exercises, lengthening, strengthening and gaining flexibility and fluidity as you deepen your practice over time.

  • Reformer: The most famous of the apparatus that allows you to work on a moving carriage with different amounts of weights via springs and hand and foot straps.  You will be able to move your joints in every direction with control and limits set by the equipment.  Here is where you find that tiny movement that takes your whole body's effort. 

  • Tower: The tower includes arm springs, leg springs, push thru bar, and roll down bar for a strength building workout. When taking the class you may recognize many of the similar movements from a traditional gym like bicep curls or squats - but the positioning with the springs adds more to those traditional repetitious workouts to activate your whole body to execute each exercise and you find you get more results for your efforts in pilates.

  • Wunda Chair: This tiny apparatus has so much to offer. It uses the work you practice in other parts of the studio and concentrates it to targeted areas like your core or glutes. Originally the "at home" equipment Joseph Pilates gave his students it is a favorite of our clients' at the studio. 

  • Suspension: We use Training Straps and our pilates knowledge to create a fun mix of balance, strength, and core to hit those tiny stabilizer muscles that get missed when focusing on big moves with the large muscle groups. You will increase your balance and improve your pilates practice by incorporating this class into your routine. Especially great for people working with hyper-mobility. 

  • Glow: Glow is a HIIT where we pick up the pace, mix in some more intense cardio-strength moves and get your heart rate up to an aerobic rate. Every class will be different, we will use some of the pilates apparatus and also mix in bands, kettlebells, traditional weights, and your own body to keep it interesting. 

What you will find at p2 Platinum Pilates?
  •  A beautiful boutique style studio in the heart of Mountain Brook near the Grand Bohemian Hotel.

  • A clean studio with plenty of natural light that is committed to creating a healthy environment.  We use non toxic chemicals to clean and sanitize the equipment after each use. 

  • Clear policies regarding registration and cancellations that are fair to both the client and the studio.

  • A friendly face to greet you and take care of your appointments and schedule changes.

  • Instructors that are professionally dressed and will not wear scented perfumes, colognes or hair sprays.  We also ask clients to refrain from strongly scented products while they are in the studio to respect those with environmental allergies. 


What To Wear and What to Expect on your first session
  • Sessions are 50 minutes in length.  

  • Wearing leggings or athletic pants or shorts, without zippers, is preferred.  Men should also wear compression shorts.  

  • Socks with grips on the bottom or bare feet are the footware in the studio.  We have cubbies and hooks for storing your belongings and a dressing room for you to change if needed.

  • Please refrain from wearing heavy perfume, scented body lotions, or jewelry. 



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