October Happenings - Show Us Your Hands

October 8, 2019


It is almost Halloween! That means cooler weather and lots of CANDY. This month our focus is the importance of integrating body, mind and spirit.Did you know there are 6 principles of the Method? They are as follows, 







If you can incorporate the 6 "principles" of Pilates your into each one of your sessions, your practice will exceed all of your expecations. Joe stated "Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit can ever be attained. Self confidence follows". Let us try them all this month.



Focus of the month...Hands....


Our hands are the most active part of our upper body and hand grip strength is important to our daily lives. Without strong hands, its difficult to lift heavy items, grab items from the floor or comb our hair. (or that oh so tough Pilates push up) This month we will pay attention to our hand positions and building hand strength. 






 Witch's Wicked Punch 

(kid friendly..or not, just add VODKA)



4 liter bottles cold lemon-lime seltzer

3 tubs lime sherbet

Black food color spray, optional









  1. Stir 2 liters seltzer and half of the sherbet in a punch bowl until blended.

  2. Float scoops of the remaining sherbet on top of punch.

  3. Pour remaining seltzer over scoops (it will create a foamy top).

  4. Lightly spray foam with black food color, if desired.










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