7 tips to staying motivated to exercise

January 27, 2017

Did you make a resolution to workout more in 2017?  Are you already having trouble staying motivated?  We understand how difficult it can be to create a habit of working out, going to the studio, and committing to the goal.  We are here to HELP!!  We have the best equipment by Gratz, the best trained instructors in all of Alabama, and the most flexible class schedules and private lessons.  Here are the top 7 tips to staying motivated as compiled by some of the top instructors in America:


1. Set Goals

Start with simple goals and then progress to longer range goals.  Goals should be realistic and achievable.  They must also be measurable!  It's easy to get frustrated and give up on your goals if they are too ambitious.  According to the Department of Health and Human Services, they recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week.



2. Make it FUN!!

Find an activity that you enjoy{we hope that you will choose Pilates}, then vary the routine to keep yourself on your toes.  Remember that exercise does not have to be boring.  We have a variety of classes, multiple instructors, and various schedules to help you stay motivated.


 3. Don't make Excuses

It's hard to find time for exercise, so don't allow yourself to fall back on excuses.  Schedule your workouts as you would any other important activity on your calendar.  With online calendars, apps, and technology, it is easier than ever to schedule the time.  Stick to it, and the results will follow!

 4. Write it Down

Are you wanting to lose weight, sleep better, improve your business, balance home and work?  If so, then write down your goals!  Seeing your goals on paper will help you stay motivated.  You may also find that an exercise journal would help you remain motivated.  Track your progress.  Be honest with how you are feeling throughout the journey, but remind yourself that you are making progress.

5. Create a Team!

Don't try to do this alone!  Get your friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers on board to exercise with you.  We offer group lessons and classes for all skill levels.  Make it a fun night away from the stress of home, work, and kids. 

 6. Reward yourself

After each session, take a moment to savor the feeling that a good exercise gives you.  Take a deep breath and focus on the progress that you are making.  An internal reward can help you make a long-term commitment to regular exercise.  External rewards help too!  When you reach a long range goal, treat yourself to a new pair of leggings, shoes, or jewelry.  We have all of them available for your convenience in our boutique.

 7. Be flexible

Be gentle with yourself when you need a break.  Don't try to kill yourself.  Your body will tell you when you need a break from the day to day.  Take a day off and then get back on track.  Stay motivated! Maintain your enthusiasm, and keep moving!  We are here to help!











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