Is Pilates Right for You?

June 2, 2018

There's usually two camps when it comes to Pilates.  Either you are a die hard Pilates enthusiast or you've never set foot in a studio.  If you are in the latter group, there's a lot of new research that suggests you should switch camps.  Keep reading and we will share some of these amazing benefits with you.



1.  It is great for your Abs!!!  Pilates is great for your core.  In Pilates lingo, this is your powerhouse.  According to a recent study by Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, women who completed 36 weeks of Pilates training strengthened the muscles responsible for the 6 pack that everyone wants by over 21%.  It also eliminates the muscle imbalance of left and right side of the core that often comes with other exercise programs.   



2. Pilates can relieve back pain: 


A stronger core equals a better back. That's why those with chronic lower back pain who practiced Pilates for just four weeks experienced more relief than those who visited a physician and other specialists, says a Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy study. What's more, their pain stayed away for a full year post-Pilates. Researchers believe that by stabilizing the core's lumbar-pelvic (lower-back) region, Pilates alleviates stress on the area and ups mobility.  Stop in this week to see all of the classes we offer for all skill levels.  We will be happy to create a private exercise routine for you as well. 


3. It's easy on your joints:

The slow and controlled motion of Pilates is great on your joints.  If you will utilize the Reformer, then you will also see the benefit of a padded exercise routine that is 10x thicker than a Yoga mat.  This will take the pressure off your back and knees. 


4. Pilates can improve your focus:

Pilates urges you to focus on 1) your breath, 2) your body, and 3) how they move together. 


5. Pilates improves your sex life:

When Pilates instructors say, "lift your pelvic floor," what they are really saying is "do Kegels." Pilates moves like those strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to up your pleasure in the bedroom. "You have way better orgasms with Pilates. It's amazing for sex," according to research by Fitness Magazine. If you're trying to conceive with all of that out-of-this-world sex, strong pelvic floor muscles can make pushing out a baby way easier.


6. Pilates can improve sports performance:

Pilates movements improve muscle and balance for a multitude of sports.  We recently started a teen class for dancers because the demand is great, but the supply is little in our market.  


"When you start focusing on your core, you realize that all of your muscles are connected through your core. Try doing lunges without your abdominals. You'll crumble over," says Zindel, who has trained everyday athletes and professional ones including Chicago Bulls player Joakim Noah. "With a stronger core, you can run faster, your yoga is on point, and overall, the rest of your workouts improve," she says. Plus, by working in small groups or one-on-one with a Pilates instructor, you can learn moves that mimic and improve performance in your sport of choice.



7. Pilates makes you more flexible:


In one Brazilian study, when young women (without any prior Pilates experience) performed 20 Pilates sessions, they became 19.1 percent more flexible. When you're tight, you shorten your muscle and limit your body's range of motion, she says. At best, that can hurt your exercise performance. At worst, it can cause injury.



8. Pilates boosts your brain power:



Joseph Pilates called his workout method "the thinking man's exercise." It could very well be. When Chinese researchers measured changes in women's brain activity after 10 weeks of Pilates training, they found an increase in the brain's alpha peak power, which is related to neural network activity, memory performance, and other cognitive functions. Researchers believe Pilates may even hold potential as a treatment option for people with brain-degenerative diseases and cognitive dysfunctions.


Stop by 250 Rele St., Mountain Brook, Alabama to experience the best in Gratz Apparatus with instructors that are trained to support all skill levels.  We also have an amazing boutique with the best in athleisure fashion, skin care products, and accessories. 


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