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Bridal Fit Packages

Fit-tabulous Bride


Look healthy, fit, and glow with your inner grace and beauty on your wedding day. This 3 to 9 month program includes 12 privates for the first 3 months, 3 times weekly and 3 -6 months of  group classes 2-3 times weekly.


12 PRIVATES + 3 months Group Class  $1,360

(regular price $1,700)

12 PRIVATES 4 months Group Classes  $1480

(regular price $1700)

12 PRIVATES 5 months Group Classes  $1,640

(regular price $1900)

12 PRIVATES 6 months of Group Classes  $1800

(regular price $2100)

Blushing by choice...


Leave a shimmering trail of grace and poise on your special day. This 36 group sessions ( 3 times a weeks for 3 months) program will teach you how to use your body correctly, honoring its mechanics and design, and teach you how indulging in our senses gives us grace in movement, a glowing presence and beauty.


(regular price $1,080)

*This program is complimentary to any fitness program.

All Eyes on you...


Create your own customized program…..why not! We will work with each client to develop the right class schedule to meet their goals and maximize results for their body type.How do you want to feel on your wedding day – vibrant, confident, strong? We can get you there. Our custom bridal packages will get you in the best shape of your life, so that on your wedding day you can look and feel your absolute best.

Special Events & Other Packages

Private Group Class


Are you having a family or class reunion, girl's weekend, or guys golf weekend? Let us help you host a private group class to get some positive energy flowing and start your gathering off celebrating health with a group session. Rates start at $30 per person with a 3 person minimum. Post workout champagne and healthy snack can be added on. Let us help you put together 

Ready, Set, Pilates Bridal Weekend


Give everyone a healthy, glowing start to your special weekend with pilates. Do you have different levels, not to worry, we can accommodate both beginners and advanced students. We are happy to work with you on what your envision for this gathering time whether it be just class or class and mimosas, food, etc. Call us and let us help you plan a fun event!

Restorative, Post Injury Strengthen & Lengthen


Have you been released from PT and want to continue strengthening and lengthening your muscles? Joe Pilates' beginnings started with springs attached to hospital beds in post war Poland, developing methods to get the wounded up and out of bed. Pilates is a natural progression of your physical therapy.  We can work with your PT professional to develop a work plan for you.

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